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Latest News

Tick Alert!

Tick season is in full swing again and pets on the Northern Beaches are particularly at risk. Paralysis ticks are hard to detect and affected pets often end up in life threatening conditions. Make sure your pet is safe this summer by regularly applying a suitable tick protection product and by checking their fur coat daily. We stock the latest in tick products and can advise you which preventative treatment is best for your furry friend. Read More

Can you home a kitten?

Every year, during the November and December months, we receive numerous kittens that are abandoned and in need of a good home. We currently have some beautiful kittens that are available for adoption. All our kittens have received a health check by our Vets and are vaccinated.

If you would like to welcome a kitten and think your home is suitable, please contact us or visit our practice.

What’s new at
Collaroy Vets

Bringing you the latest
in Endoscopy surgery

At Collaroy Vets we offer our patients a range of diagnostic services including the latest techniques and equipment in endoscopy. Endoscopy allows us to visually check internal organs without performing invasive surgery. We can now find out very quickly what your pet has swallowed! Not only can we find out the cause of the problem faster, a quick recovery time and a reduced risk of infection are other benefits. Endoscopy is also used for taking samples of organ linings to diagnose a condition. Read more

Meet some of our Patients

Daisy’s bone graft

Daisy is a gorgeous 5 year old toy poodle who captured the heart of Marie as she lay homeless in a pound. Marie… Read More..

Endoscopy saves Charlie

Charlie, a 4 year old tabby cat, presented to Collaroy Vets with inspiratory dyspnoea, a term describing extreme effort upon breathing in as… Read More..

Jordy’s mystery illness

Jordy, a 10 year old female fox terrier, presented to the hospital for drinking a lot and just being a little quieter than… Read More..

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