Ticks, Fleas & Worms

There are a number of flea products available, in a range of forms – washes, powders, sprays, spot-ons, tablets, etc. Our staff can advise on the best product for your pet and lifestyle.

The Northern Beaches is a high-risk tick area and tick poisoning can be deadly. During tick season, you should use tick products and search your pet daily for ticks. If you find a tick or suspect tick poisoning contact us as soon as possible, this situation should be treated as an emergency at any time of day or night.

Heartworm is a parasite spread by mosquitoes that can result in heart failure. However, it is easily prevented with either an annual injection or monthly tablets. Our vets can advise the appropriate type of prevention for your pet.

Intestinal worms can easily be controlled with tablets which should be given every three months. Our nurses can advise which tablets would suit your pet.

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