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Northern Beaches (Warringah) Lost & Found
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At Collaroy Vets we operate Northern Beaches (NB) (Warringah) Council’s pound and Ku-ring-gai Councils pound holding facilities.

If you have found a pet dog or cat, call a either NB council ranger on 9942 2111 or for Ku-ring-gai please contact Council on 02 9424 0000 and a Council officer will attend to scan the dog for a microchip and either return to the owner or take it to the pound between 7am and 7pm.

Before 7am or after 7pm call us to arrange admitting the pet into our pound facilities. A pet that is microchipped can usually be returned home quickly and safely.

NSW State Government requires that all dogs and cats are microchipped/identified and registered. We cannot release an impounded pet without ensuring these requirements are complied with.

Further info on Microchipping and Registration.
Note that fees apply for all pound services that are set by Council. All registration fees are set by NSW State Government. We cannot negotiate or waive fees in any circumstances. Fees are significantly discounted for de-sexed animals.

If an owner cannot be located we do everything we can to find a suitable new home for the animal.


We will treat any wildlife requiring aid and then work with WIRES to rehabilitate as necessary. WIRES is the largest wildlife rescue organisation in Australia.

Caution is required when handling many species of wildlife. Improper rescue can hurt and distress the animal and also the rescuer. If you find any injured wildlife, you can contact WIRES on 13 000 WIRES or 13 00 094 737. They will give you advice on what to do until a trained rescuer comes to take the animal to a vet or carer.

In circumstances where you cannot get in touch with WIRES you can contact your local Parks and Wildlife Service office or bring the animal to our hospital.

Local charity support

We support several local animal rescue charities and shelters with the provision of discounted treatment and help them to return animals to good health and happy homes.

Monika’s Doggie Rescue is a private registered charity that re-homes dogs from council pounds. For many years, Monika Biernacki and a group of volunteers have been successfully re-homing dogs with permanent and loving owners. For further information on Monika’s work, pet adoption or foster care programs visit:

Teaching & Education

Collaroy vets and nurses love to share their knowledge. We participate in High School work experience programs, Apprenticeship schemes, TAFE trainee tutoring, Duke of Edinburgh service, kindergarten presentations and school talks!

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