MRI for your pet

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a form of diagnostic scan produced by a machine that uses powerful magnetic and radio waves to create detailed pictures of structures within the body. We can use MRI images to examine an animal’s internal structures – particularly the spine, brain, skull, abdomen and musculoskeletal system. An MRI scan can enable the diagnosis of conditions that would otherwise be impossible to confirm without invasive surgery. MRI imaging is also ideal for cancer patients because of its utility in pre-surgical planning, treatment response with follow-up MRI scans and prognosis based on extent of disease.

MRI is considered an extremely safe imaging modality. The examination is performed under general anaesthesia. This is necessary to keep the animal from moving and minimise examination time. There is a certain risk associated with anaesthesia, which is not different when performing an MRI examination from other instances where anaesthesia is required.

To perform an MRI scan, we have access to the human facilities at a private medical facility. MRI uses a strong magnetic force and radio-frequency pulses to collect signals from the body. These signals are then converted by computers into thin section images, which are read by specialist Radiologists. The images and the report are sent to us and allow for discussions about the full range of treatment options that can be used to get the best results for you and your pet.

We will make all arrangements for your pet to be transported from the clinic (or from your home) to the facility and back. Your pet will be accompanied by one of our vets at all times; our vet will perform the anaesthesia and position and remain with your pet through the whole procedure. The process is quick, painless and safe.